Tone QualityThe student's tone quality;
is full , rich and characteristic of the tone quality of the instrument in all ranges and registers.
is of a characteristic tone.
is full in most ranges, but distorts occasionally in some passages.
exhibits some flaws in production (i.e. slightly thin or unfocused sound, forced.)
exhibits many major flaws, and is not a tone quality characteristic of the instrument.
IntonationThe student's intonation;
is accurate throughout in all ranges and registers.
is accurate; student fails to adjust isolated pitches, yet demonstrates minimal intonation difficulties.
is mostly accurate, but includes out of tune notes. Pitch adjustment is not to an acceptable standard.
exhibits basic sense of intonation, yet has significant problems, and makes no attempts to adjust pitch.
is not accurate. The performance is out of tune.
InterpretationThe student demonstrates;
the highest level of musicality, including well shaped phrases and dynamics.
a high level of musicality, but has some phrases that are not consistent with the overall level of expression.
a moderate level of musicality and understanding.
only a limited amount of musicality and understanding.
a very limited amount of musicality and understanding.
Rhythmic AccuracyThe student performs;
accurate rhythms throughout.
nearly accurate rhythms, but lacks precise interpretation of some patterns.
many rhythmic patterns accurately, but some lack precision.
many rhythmic patterns incorrectly or inconsistently.
most rhythmic patterns incorrectly.
Melodic AccuracyThe student performs;
all pitches/notes accurately.
most pitches/notes accurately.
many pitches/notes accurately.
numerous inaccurate pitches/notes.
inaccurate pitches/notes throughout the music (i.e. missing key signatures, accidentals, etc.)
Technical FacilityThe student demonstrates;
accurate pitches/notes throughout the music (i.e. missing key signatures, accidentals, etc.)
generally good technique; problems occur infrequently in difficult passages.
occasionally good technique; problems occur frequently in difficult passages.
evident problems in complex passages as well as some easier passages.
poor technical facility.
Articulation/BowingThe performance is;
clear, appropriate, and consistent.
proper and consistent with only minor variations.
correct some of the time.
frequently incorrect
inconsistent and not appropriate.

Scale Technique - First ScaleThe student played the First Major Scale;
Scale Technique - Second ScaleThe student played the Second Major Scale;
Scale Technique - Chromatic ScaleThe student played the Chromatic Scale;

Adjudicator should fill in the names of the required scales for assessment in the spaces provided. Check the box in the column that best describes the student's performance (one box per scale.)

all accurate pitches
many accurate pitches
numerous inaccurate pitches

Melodic Accuracy
Rhythmic Accuracy